Saturday, April 08, 2017

First you will notice my background theme has changed. My profile has changed, too. Both are intentional. From 2005-2013 all of my blog posts focused on my cycling adventures and accomplishments on my 2-wheel recumbent. 
Epilepsy entered my life Summer of 2013. Four years later I am still not driving. Much about the how, when, where of cycling has been impacted as well. How much (miles per year) is still the same, 12,000+, but that will likely change relatively soon as I age-out. I'll be 72 this Fall.

Facebook has impacted my blog entries as well. The snippets of daily rides and pix of same are more often posted on FB which also flow into Twitter. Blog posts have now tended to reflect periodic review over several months which include
more personal reflections, struggles, and joys.

My last blog post was in January 2016. It is certainly time for an update. One will be coming, but now I'm heading out for a glorious ride. The temp is 78 and only wind only 7mph. 

More later.

San Xavier Mission

Lightning during a monsoon 

One of many stunning sunsets


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With thanks. I value it!