Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Random Act Of Kindness or Accomplice?

The Gulch 

Three weeks ago I set out on my ICE trike at 5:00 p.m. to run a couple of errands.There are many, many connectors to Tucson's multi-use, non-motorized path fondly known as The Loop. A few feet into the ingress I was using to access the Path, I came upon a late 40-something man standing over his bicycle. 

Me: You ok?

Man: I just need some shade.

Me: Well, the only shade right here is that scrawny Mesquite tree right there.
Scrawny Mesquite Tree

Man: Well, I think I'd rather just go down in that gulch.

Me: Why? There's no shade down there. Are you from around here?

Man: Yes

Me: Well then, you can just cross the Country Club bridge, ride down to that ramada right over there and there's a lovely park with real trees, a restrooms, tables with benches. I'm heading that way if you want to follow me. How long have you been out? (It was one of our merely 100 degree days).

Man: Since about noon.

Me: Wow, that's a long time. Do you have water?

Man: No

Me: Well, here drink up. I don't need this. I'm just running a couple of errands.

He drank only a modest amount of water. As I turned to give him my water bottle I noticed that his Tee shirt had only a tiny bit of sweat on it. I also noticed he had no water bottle cages on his bike which was a brand-new looking suspended hybrid. 

Me: Well, I'm heading on now to do my errands now. If you want to follow I can point out the park.

Man: No, I'll just go down in the gulch.

It took me about a half mile before it occurred to me the bike was likely stolen. I had not noticed the make/model of his bike so no way to call it in.

What began as a random act of kindness I'm confident turned into my being an accomplice.

Three weeks later my bike was stolen. Karma? Don-know.  

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