Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ooops! Another Seizure

After my first-ever seizure August 27th and after all the diagnostics and treatment planning was complete, I began my required driving restriction (gotta be seizure free for 90 days in AZ, but in AZ it's the honor system. No required reporting by the seizure owner or doc). 

October 6th, a Sunday, I decided to go out and ride one of my favorite stretches of desert: Park Link. Getting to Park Link is on a rather routine section of The Loop + a long stretch on the I-10 Frontage Road. But the 18 miles of 1-2% climb to the T-intersection with AZ Rt 79 is worth the 32 mile approach. My 40 mile return home would be via via Rt 79 and Rt 77 on heavily traveled, high speed roads until the last 11 miles which are bike-friendly and part of my regular Tucson routes.

At about mile 40 into the ride I began to feel strange, weird, and I got a little scared. There is a toddlers' book called, "Are You My Mother?" about a little bird who fell out of its nest and went hopping around the woods asking a variety of animals if any of them was her mother. Eventually baby and mama found one another. Well, I'm so new to this world of seizures, and everyone's seizures seem to have such unique and individualized manifestations, I find myself asking myself: "Are you my seizure?" And, as I'm sure you know, everyone doesn't lose consciousness with all types of seizure activity, and if you're alone, how do you know if you did lose consciousness unless you hurt yourself or someone else or something?

I pushed on to the intersection of Park Link and Rt 79 and stared at Rt 79, its 55 mph Sunday afternoon-return from the weekend of fun by pack of thunderous motorcycles and other big boy toys. I would be sharing this space with these big guys in my little  2.5' shoulder right of the fog line. 

While I've ridden this route several times, that day, October 6th, I knew I couldn't do it. Best I can describe is there was a breach between my cognition and my motor skills. I pulled over into a  safe swath of desert rock and called Kirk and asked him if he could pick me up. He was most willing, non-judgmental, and scampered those 40 miles from home to my desert corner in about 45 minutes. 

We agreed I would not go on unaccompanied rides longer than 50 miles so my apex would be no more than 25 miles, making a pick up fairly reasonable, until I have been seizure free for 90 days.

The docs tweaked my seizure med, both the amount and the time of dosage; it's now one month and 4 days post second episode and, as far as I know, I've been seizure free, although I continue to experience "things" and find myself asking, "Are you my seizure?"

Since Kirk and I will be riding our bikes across Vietnam in January, my new driving eligibility date looks like it will be February 1st, upon our return.

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Take good care, Susan!