Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes, Pay It Forward; It's The Only Way

Michelle's and my Alaskan Adventure would have had a whole different character to it if it had not been for Barry and Joyce Weiss who live in Tucson in the winter and Anchorage in the summer. My chance encounter meeting them at our Bike Club's (GABA)November, 2012 was only because Barry was wearing his Fireweed Tee-shirt. The rest is history.

Their knowledge and experience of all things "how-to" made our planning this trip so smooooth. Their gracious, unending hospitality of chauffeuring us to and from airports, train stations, REI; letting us lodge in their spare bedroom for about half the nights we were in Alaska when not "on tour" to Seward, Denali, Fireweed, Valdez, and Whittier; keeping an eagle eye on the weather reports; and filling us full of AK stories. Their eagerness to show us their favorite routes by bike and by hike was nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you, Barry and Joyce!
Joyce atop Flatop Mountain with Michelle

Barry and Joyce
Barry and Joyce live even closer to Anchorage's Multi-use Path than I do to mine in Tucson. I see lots of lizards, ground squirrels, occasional Rattle and Gopher Snakes, Cooper's Hawks, Mourning Doves, and an occasional Javelina. But on their path you can almost expect to see Moose. I had to learn to not get into my focused Hammer-at-all-costs speeds because around the next bend you were likely to encounter a big one right smack dab in the middle of your path. You shall always yield to the Moose. Just a couple weeks before we arrived someone was stomped on my a Moose for failing to to yield.

Getting ready to say farewell to Alaska

Packed and ready to fly home
I will be keeping my eyes open for ways to pay my gratitude to Barry and Joyce forward.

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