Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Plan

Alcoholics Anonymous has a saying (they have many): "Plan, but don't plan the outcome." 

Kirk and I are planners. Goodness, we're already working on our 2015 travel plans! Despite being a consummate planner, I do try to practice the second half of AA's saying: "Don't plan the outcome". Living accordingly gives me the joy and pleasure of spontaneity and being able to make the needed adjustments when storms come in whatever form they may manifest. 

Every now and then, though, The Plan just all comes together wrinkle free. Our Alaskan Adventure was such A Plan.

July 3: Fly in to Anchorage--surprisingly Michelle and I were on the same plane from Seattle to Anchorage. Made pick-up a bit easier for Barry.

July 4: Extricate our respective Bacchettas from their SnowBoard Tube and rebuild them.
Shake down ride to Sagaway Market in Anchorage. Bikes ran flawlessly.

July 5: Train it down to Seward

July 6: Return by train to Anchorage

July 7: Rent a car and drive to Denali; wave to Sara Palin's home town of Wasilla, and a bit of sightseeing in Talkeetna

July 8: Denali

July 9: Denali and return to Anchorage

July 10: Anchorage and Girdwood by bike

July 11: Drive to Sheep Mountain Lodge in ready for the Fireweed

July 12: Fireweed Day 1-->Copper Center

July 13: Fireweed Day 2-->Valdez

July 14: 6-hr Ferry to Whittier, 6-hr lay-over, 2-1/2 hr Train ride back to Anchorage

July 15: Anchorage day ride

July 16: Disassemble the bikes and stuff them back in the snowboard tubes

July 17: Fly away, fly away home

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