Friday, July 19, 2013

In The Beginning There Was Rob

Rob on the Right

I love how networking works. 

I met Rob Welsh, Rob met Michelle Williams, Rob introduced me to Michelle, and all of this meeting was “fathered” by PAC Tour

Since 2010 Michelle and I have been chasing each other all around the country. Living in Chicago at the time, I rode down to Peoria, IL and hooked up with her as she rode with PAC Tour on their Northern Transcon.

Michelle on Right
Then I chased her down in New Orleans in 2011 to ride a RUSA 300k.
Michelle guarding the bents while we take a break on the 300k
She chased me down in Chicago later that same year and a bunch of us would complete a 4-State Circle Tour of Lake Michigan (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin). There was a little hitch, though. I broke my foot 3 weeks before the Circle Tour began so would have to be content with riding in the SAG vehicle driven by my husband, Kirk. 
Lunch in Door County, WI while on the Circle Tour
And finally she chased me down again in Tucson, where I now live, in March 2013 which gave us a great opportunity to put the finishing touches on our planning for our Alaskan Adventure which I’ll dub as AA. Let it stand for whatever you want it to: Alcoholics Anonymous, American Airlines, Alaskan Airlines or our Alaskan Adventure. At least three of those translations of the acronym fit for us. 
At the Rincon Country Market near Tucson

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