Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fireweed: It Is What It Is

Word has had it that Fireweed is a TOUGH ride; after all, the 400 mile version is a RAAM qualifier. The words, "Thompson Pass" had put the fear of Alpe d' Huez in me, and maybe in others, too. 

The phrase: "It is what it is" is quite calming for me. 

It is what it is, just keep peddling and discover what's there. Quite often what's there is way less than what I had imagined. And so I left Sheep Mountain Lodge to discover some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable on a bike ride: verdant mountains whose tops poked through the clouds; waterfalls whose voice and lacy, ethereal beauty could bring tears to your eyes; warbling, roaring mountain streams that reminded me I was no longer in the desert; and cloud/fog so dense a car length ahead was the best visibility would get for several miles. Oh, and lest I forget, the glacial chill that penetrated every layer I had on when perched on top of Thompson Pass. 

This was not a hard ride, nor was it an easy ride, but it will always be remembered as a joy to ride.

Let the pictures tell the Fireweed story. 
Our Sheep Mountain Cottage
A rest stop at Mile 35 or so
Grizzly's even had a Red Bull at a decent price.

Worthington Glacier about 3 miles from the top of Thompson Pass
Top of the Pass: 2,678' elevation
Michelle can't pass one of these signs without saying: "Trucks on Cheese"
Bridal Veil Falls at the bottom of Thompson Pass, 22 miles to Valdez.
Almost there!!
Valdez finish

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