Monday, May 13, 2013

Owl Head Butte

See the little "humps" in the background? Their known as Owl Head Butte

Saguaro in bloom on Park Link
Riding to Arivaca a couple of weeks ago (145 miles) was a great pondering op: how would I prepare for the World Championship Time Trial in November in Palm Desert? After a successful Calvin's Challenge in 2011 with 186.5 mi in 11:30, I believe 200 miles in 12 hours is viable.

In Palm Desert Kirk will crew for me so fueling and hydrating will be efficient; I'm borrowing some Zipp wheels from Dan Fallon; and I'll have spare wheels ready to swap in the crew vehicle. Between now and then I need to train to reduce my off-the-bike time, have enough fuel in my tank to sustain an average elapsed speed of 16.6. These things I can control. What I can't control are:

  • malicious and non malicious road-side detritus  
  • dog attacks
  • weather
  • mechanincals
  • body/medicals 
Tucson is moving ever closer to its hot season where being out mid-day and beyond is not wise. But starting at 3:00 a.m. or so could get the job done before it gets too hot. And, since I have not found anyone who want to join me on these treks, the Border Patrol and buzzards would be my only company. But, if Kirk could drive me out of town and and pick me up before re-entring town I could avoid heat exposure through the slowness of Tucson traffic lights. Yes, the Arivaca route would work if ridden like this.

Then I discovered another route option, what I call Park Link, named for the road that links I-10 with AZ Rt 79. It's 91 miles and I could ride two loops. The middle half of the route has no services and and is desert remote. Kirk has offered to crew for me on Loop 2 in the event that there would be some untoward. No one could ask for a better supporter in all life arenas.

Park link Route

I need to train with data to support my goal. Since I don't have a Garmin at this time I've been using Endomundo, Runtastic and other web-based apps.  But they gobble up my phone battery and  konk out at about mile 175. 

Let the training begin.

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