Tuesday, April 02, 2013

March Madness Of A Different Sort: Part 2

Me (left) and Michelle Williams (right) at the Rincon Country Market on Old Spanish Trail

We have Rob Welsh, RBA of the MN Randonneurs, to thank for introducing us. Rob and Michelle met at PAC Tour Desert Camp in 2010 just months before her Northern Transcontinental also with PAC Tour. Rob facilitated an iMeet for us back in 2010 and she and I have been chasing each other around the country since riding our bents, hers a CA2, mine a Ti Aero, in LA, IL, MI, WI, and now AZ. Stay tuned for this year's upcoming big event--riding a 200k Brevet and the Fireweed in AK, plus some Anchorage day rides in July.

Her March AZ trip was to be a shake-down about totally disassembling her bike in MS, packing it in a snowboard tube (Sporttube III), reassembling it in AZ and then reversing the process to go home. 
It was actually a smooth process that engendered a lot of confidence (and competence) in both of us to fly off  into the tundra. The PVC portable bike stand, engineered by Mark Doumas, made the whole rebuild/dismantle process totally doable.Thank you Mark!!

We've made a list and have checked it more than twice to make certain between us we have the tools we need to take with us. 

I think we thought our week together in Tucson would be a big mileage week, but instead we stayed closer to home doing Day Rides in the resplendence of Tucson: Saguaro National ParkColossal Cave, parts of Tucson's Multi-use Path around the city known as The Loop, and commuting, commuting everywhere, like to the Christian Seder Meal, a Cubs v Dodgers Spring Training game with Kirk, and Tucson's twice-annual 4th Avenue Street Fair. 

Alaska is just 3 months away. See you soon Michelle!!


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