Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 In The Books

Third time's the charm at the Cochise Classic 165 miler
2012 was a year of "firsts" here in Tucson:
  • Our first year in retirement with all that such a change implies.
  • Our first house of our own in 43 years of marriage (all the others were church-owned homes)
  • Our first freely chosen "place" to live. Yes, we chose Chicago because that's where our graduate education was, but then we just stayed for the next 41 years. 
  • Our first time to build a whole new network of relationships unassisted by our professional roles.
  • My first year to be able to ride every day of the year, if I wanted to.
Cycling Highlights in 2012:
Left to Right: Chuck, Bruce, Wayne, Me, and Dan (sitting)

Cindy Lou's Cafe in Three Points, AZ
  • Led a number of GABA rides
  • Discovered that I have exercise induced asthmas that I can control most of the time with nose-breathing. But, sometimes at altitude of 9,000' or greater for sustained periods of time, I need to use my inhaler.
Mark Doumas and me at the summit of Mt. Lemmon: Summerhaven

  • Needed to consult with a nutritionist to learn how to balance my fluid and electrolyte intake in the Sonoran Desert
  • 5 brevets, 2 Perm's completed with the AZ Brevet Club
  • Rode a 6 days with PAC Tour while they were in AZ

  • Rode my Bike Friday Tikit, named Tilda, in Chicago when I was there to welcome our newest grandchild, Hattie Jane.
  • Sold my beloved Lightning P_38 to a sailor in Boston who wanted to keep her below deck to have some wheels when in port.
  • Worked in RAAM Headquarters (the War Room) during RAAM 2012 

  • Summited Mt. Lemmon twice, the first time with Mark Doumas, the second time with Mark Cotovsky and Jeff Rogers. 

Jeff, me, and Mark
  • Took Tilda to Sisters, OR to ride with Elizabeth Renner. Tilda was NOT fun to ride in the mountains there. In part it was the upright position, in part the frame is really to small for me, in part it was the little wheels (16 in). All didn't add up for a fun 200k from Sisters to Eugene.
Summit of McKenzie Pass

  • My friend, Marilyn Hayward, a Bentrider and owner of Coventry Cycles in Portland, was hit by a car and critically injured. Her life hung in the balance for several days. She is a miracle: has returned to riding, working at her shop, and lovingly caring for her exotic birds.
The signature jersey of Marilyn's Coventry Cycle Shop. I wore only this jersey until  her life was assured.
  • Tilda was stolen from my garage. Despite aggressive work with the Tucson Police Department she was not recovered and NWT'n (pronounced Newton) now is a member of the garage family of bikes.
Tilda in a happier time

Tilda spray painted ugly white by her captors

NWT'n (pronounced Newton, Tilda's replacement, a Bike Friday New World Tourist
  • Became part of the Pima County Bike Ambassador Team and was certified by the League of American Bicyclists as an instructor.
  • Mark Cotovsky and Jeff Rogers visited for a week. We collected some glorious rides including a summit of Mt. Lemmon. We were cheated out of the descent because of an inch of hail that fell after our summiting.

  • Rode NWT'n in Nevada accruing one more state in my collection--only 8 more to go to collect all 50.
  • Spent a week in Phoenix being a tourist with Kirk and riding nearly daily with Gerry Elam and David Brake.
Sandy, Gerry, and Kirk at breakfast in Phoenix

  • Finished the year with another 12,000 miles collected in the form of commuting, touring, and organized events. 
2012 Life Learning: Huge gratitude for the gift of health, Kirk's support of my spiritual journey on two wheels, and a magnificent place to live, ride, and grow.