Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wrapping Up 40 years and 2011

Sunset over the Tucson Mountains
I've found it hard to return to Blog Life. Don't know what that's quite all about, but could be that 2011 saw us wrap us 40 years in Chicago, the same 40 years when and where we birthed 3 babies and watched them with joy and gratitude grow up, leave home, graduate from a lot of places, marry awesome people, launch their own careers, and birth 6 grandchildren (one more will join our family on March 6th, not many days from now).

2011 saw us travel 12,400 miles to get from Chicago to Tucson (you can track that journey on our 99 Day Trek To Tucson Blog), and basically start brand new lives in retirement.

Both of us have had a serious case of the travel bug for years, but no longer. We are home, home at 2399 E. Blue Diamond, home in Tucson, home in our church, home in Rotary, home in the mountains, home in the heat, home in the desert, and home on the roads over my two wheels.

I lost some miles in 2011, not because of our 12,400 car trip, but because of my broken foot. Ended 2011 with 10,542. Would have made my 12,000 mile goal if I'd had an intact foot.

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Rose Gomez said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your foot is all healed and you are riding!