Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Days--No Nausea-A Big Boo-Yah!!

My first multi-day ride in a bit. Saturday was  the Gila Bend 200k beginning and ending in Queen Creek, AZ. Just a delightful ride with Gerry from Phoenix on his CA2 and Bob and Colleen from Canada wintering in Tucson. The day was warm, the wind gentle, no mechanicals. Can't get much sweeter than that.

These three days would be continuing "study" of how I responded to the fluid and electrolyte plan Joanna Chodorowska from Nutrition-in-Motion had recommended. Between all the food intolerances I've developed over the last half-dozen years and my episode with hyponatremia that won me an overnight stay in the Douglas, AZ Hospital, coming up with a plan that can support my food-on-the-bike, fluid, and electrolyte needs has been a challenge.

Since the hyponatremia I have been so conscientious to keep my fluid intake to no more than 20 oz every 20 miles it never occurred to me that my nausea that precluded my eating solid foods other than Lays Classic Chips while on the bike could be fluid and electrolyte related.

What a great feeling to finish the 200k (126 miles), be able to eat a recovery meal, and drive 100 miles back to Tucson to hand over our one-and-only car to Kirk who had an evening obligation, AND to feel great!

Sunday I hooked up with PAC Tour near the Tucson Airport to ride with them on Day 1 of Week 1 of their seven weeks of Desert Camp. Always fun to see old PAC friends.
Joe and me readying for ride out

Susan and Lon
We rode through the Tucson Mountain Park, past Picacho Peak, through Eloy, which must certainly be trying out for ghost town status, and on into Casa Grande.

I love being able to call all these part home, now. It's the best.
Christopher, Parker and Josephine

 I would ride back to Tucson on Monday solo while the others would head on to Gila Bend and then Wickenburg before returning to Tucson by the same route to Tucson.

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