Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Season Passed

For 40 years we loved everything about Chicago, except the winters. It was home for our careers, childrearing, Rotary-ing, cycling, growing, celebrating, learning, and cheering for the Cubs (alas to no avail). June 26th we embarked on our 99-Day-Trek-To-Tucson right after lunch, right after Kirk preached his last sermon at Trinity United Methodist Church in Wilmette. I had wrapped up my Recovery Coaching Practice just days before. October 1st, 99 days, 12,400 miles, 27 states, and 44 different beds later we reached Tucson where the I can ride 365 days a year, the skies are always blue, and we’ll be only 8 miles from our son, Daniel, and his family. These past 99+ days have been about our shared Trek-To-Tucson so I have not posted in Bentwanderings. But, we're here now, Tucson is home now: I have an AZ Driver's License (they didn't even make me take an eye test) and a new cell phone number with a 520 area code. If you'd like to read about our Trek you can catch the blog here: Trek-To-Tucson


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Congratulations you made it! I am so happy for you and Kirk -- your new part of the world sounds lovely. I'm glad you got to see Mackinac Island in Aug. It is one of my all-time favorite places. Sorry it did not work to connect in Mich. It just means we'll come visit you in Arizona! Please know that your and Kirk's presence is very much missed at Trinity. We think of you both often. Elliott especially misses your guidance and leadership in Stephen's Ministry. Look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully we'll make it out to Tucson soon. Andrea

Andrea said...

Hi Susan,
I'm not sure if my last comments make it though. Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS you made it! We miss you and think of you and Kirk often. Look forward to visiting you in Arizona, hopefully, in the not to distant future!