Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Riding In The Pack With PAC: Lincoln-->Pontiac

Always feels like a homecoming when I rejoin PAC Tour whether it be for a Transcon, a week of Desert Camp to break the monotony of Winter, or just to ride with them a few days on one of their longer journeys, which is the case this week.

Today we're riding about 80 miles from Lincoln to Pontiac savoring the sites of some of Illinois' Route 66 lore, like the Paul Bunyon Hot Dog Statue, The Palms Grill Restaurant rich with homemade pies, Funks Grove Maple Sugar, and lots and lots of 50's memory lane in Pontiac.

Jim Hlavka under Paul Bunyan in Atlanta, IL

Breakfast at The Plam's Grill in Atlanta

One of many murals in Pontiac

Mike and Nancy Meyers on their Rans Sevo Recumbent Tandem


Me again

Bikes parked outside The Plam's in Atlanta for a breakfast of homemade pies

Jim, Don, Al, and me at Baby Bull's in Pontiac

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