Monday, January 31, 2011

Costa Rica Take-Aways

While this was my only my second solo cycle (the first being two days earlier in Aruba) into land not native to my culture, my language, and absent of all communication resources, I remain intrepid, undaunted, but wiser, I hope.

What will I do differently next time?

Having an abundance of spare tubes is definitely on my packing list for future such events.

Clearly the most significant contributor to my stomach gripping angst was my 50 word Spanish vocabulary. Carlos might have been a truly upstanding citizen committed to aiding this damsel in distress. I had only his nonverbals and direction of travel (which was opposite from where I needed to go) to judge his character and my safety.

As soon as we settle in Tucson in October, 2011 I will join the other Rosetta Stone enthusiasts and will become proficient in survival Spanish. Of course, I could find myself in a non-Spanish speaking country at some point, in which case I will be armored with a few survival words and a survival phrase book.

In a word, would I do it again?

Click here for a 3-1/2 minute movie of pictures taken on the Cruise

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Rose Gomez MD said...

You are definitely intrepid. I would have been terrified during much of your solo excursion. Do you carry a cell phone? You can call me anytime you may need my Spanish! An iPhone would give you GPS and would help you know where you are at all times. Bravo to you! Rose