Monday, January 31, 2011

Aruba By Tikit

Tilda simply frolicked off the ship in Aruba much like an untrained Dalmatian puppy, her wheels ready to grip the road and explore the 75 square miles of this one happy island. There is really only one main road on the ellipse-shaped Aruba. From the port north to the California Lighthouse, where the paved road ends, is about 8 flat miles. (Nearly 60% of the Island’s perimeter road is unpaved.) Wind can be an issue, as it can be on any island; and it was, but only briefly, given the wind direction du jour. Kirk walked 4 miles to the Cancun-style Hotel Zone where he’d beach to read. We rendezvoused at a pre-arranged check point just to make sure we were both A-OK, and we were.

I rode on to nearly to the terminus of the paved road on the south end of the Island and “buzzed” the Aloe Factory before returning to the ship for a mid-day sail away.

Aruba is definitely bike-friendly: good roads, plenty of service options, enough civilization to feel connected, but not so much as to cramp your wheeling style.

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