Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Indoor Century and Year-Rounder Challenges, DONE!

PowerTap data from the IronMan FL course done on the computrainer at VQ
I'm breathing a deep breath of satisfied accomplishment. Jay Marshall was an inspiration to me a couple of years ago. He had accepted the UMCA's Year-Rounder challenge of completing a century a month. Not a difficult challenge except for Jan, Feb, and Dec, at least if one lives in the northern climes, which I do.

On my way to sign up for the Century-per-month challenge I found myself also accepting the 3,000 mile challenge wherein each ride must be 90 miles or greater in length completed within the time frames established for Randonneuring.

Really glad I accepted both challenges. They brought great focus, intentionality, and creativity to my 2010 riding.

I got my January Century in HI when Kirk and I were there; my February Century in Death Valley when riding with Adventure Corps, my March Century in AZ and then it got easy until December.

Looking at a real feel temp of -7 today and not much hope for the remaining days of December can surely not be expected to be balmy. So, with the help of Vision Quest Coaching (VQ) I set out today to ride an indoor century. Never done that before and frankly was not looking forward to it.

But, as Robbie Ventura would say, I got it done, and done in a manner I feel good about.

100 miles
average speed 17.6
average watts 143 (better than 80% of my LT)
elapsed time 05:41:52
two 3-minute breaks off the bike

So on December 6, 2010 my Century/month challenge is satisfied and my 3,000 mi challenge wraps up with 32 rides of 90 miles or greater for a total mileage of 3,490

My own challenge was to ride another 12,000 mile year. As of December 6th I have 11,871. While I've learned never to count it done till it's done, it seems like pretty much a done deal that all I have to do is show up at VQ the rest of the month and my challenge goal will be met.

Thanks for challenging me, inspiring me, problem solving with me, and for some of you, riding some of these miles with me.