Sunday, September 12, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

The only Lake Express Ferry Crossing that would fit my schedule is a 12:30 departure. It's 75 miles door to door and I would have at least 25 pounds of gear loaded on the bike to support a 6-day tour. That leaves little time for smelling roses, changing tires, or missing a turn.

I test rode the route to the car ferry in mid-August. The route is truly doable in the given time frame. Next test was on Labor Day. How much slower would I be loaded with 25 pounds? Let's ride it an see. No problem. Punched it out in 5 hours.

Friday the 10th finally came. Mark and Jeff met me at my alley at 5:45 and off we went. They would ride with me 18 miles (Lake Bluff) and then turn around for breakfast and home. The weather gods were favorable so I easily arrived at the ferry dock before 11:00 for a 12:30 departure.

Ken met me at the dock in Muskegon; we rode to Denise's and then convoyed to dinner.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet day

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