Sunday, September 12, 2010

SS Badger

Denise and Ken rode with me from the hotel to the SS Badger ferry dock in Ludington; they headed home (Muskegon) from there; I settled in for the 4-hour passage with Jhumpa Lahiri's novel, Namesake.

What are the odds of bumping into someone you know on the SS Badger? I'd say pretty slim. But bump I did into June and Bob Miller from church. We were all playing hookey. :)

What a difference a day makes. Gray skies replaced with blue, clouds replaced with cloudless, overcast with bright sun, 50 degrees with 75 degrees, no wind for WIND, and a head wind at that. But no complaints here after a wet yesterday.

The clearly autumnal feel of yesterday was replaced with a late summer quiet--the fields were resting, their florid growth over, ready for harvest; vibrant, silky green of corn and soy replaced with scratchy, noisy gold and brown. Farmers beginning to shave their corn field faces leaving the soil with the rough stubble of an old man's beard.

The fields of corn and soy and occasional lots of cattle wooed me into thinking I was in familiar turf. But the reality was I traveled the full distance from Manitowoc to Kimberly without nary a town or minimart. Had my Super 8 not arisen above the corn tops at mile 49/50, I was about to seek the hospitality of a local farmer. I'll save that for anther day.

Glorious day.

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