Monday, September 06, 2010

Loaded For Bear (for Ferries)

My Ferry Tour launches this Friday, September 10th:

I'm packed, routes are both printed and loaded in my Garmin, bike is tuned, new Crank Bros. Acid pedals, new orthotics to support the recalcitrant right foot; just waiting for the start date to arrive on my calendar.

Friday's route is to Milwaukee and then ferrying across Lake Michigan to Muskegon where I'll hook up with bent friends, Denise and Ken. The Lake Express Ferry departs at 12:30. Cars, bikes, and peds must be queued up for boarding by 12:00. Since ferries don't wait for flat tires or head winds I want to arrive at the dock by 11:15 allowing some cush for untowards.

Today's goal was to ride to Kenosha (42 miles) and back to Cafe de Isaac in Highwood (31 miles) for a 4:15 dinner with Kirk, exactly 73 niles, the same distance as home to the Ferry. My bike was loaded with all the gear I'll be carrying on Friday so I would have a true test run of what it will take time-wise to get to the ferry by 11:15.

Outbound I enjoyed a delightful tailwind which, of course came back to bite me on the return. Bumped into John Lake (PAC Tour Hall of Famer) in Highland Park on the outbound; deer were jumping across the path in Lake Bluff; and all was right with the world.

My bike was solid and road worthy. And the answer to the question: "What time do I leave home on Friday to reach the ferry by 11:15?" is: 5:45 a.m. It'll be dark at that time; but hey, my Stella lamp will guide me well.

I off loaded my gear into Kirk's car and rode the last 11 miles home considerably lighter.

I'll post daily on my blog if the hotels have computers.

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