Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ferry Tour--The Inspiration and Reality

Friday, September 10th would launch my 2010 Ferry Tour, a significant scale-back from my original plan to circumnavigate Lake Michigan this season. Alas my nutritional issues required my deferring the circumnavigation to another year buying me some time to explore nutritional solutions. The Ferry Tour was the more modest tour that seemed doable under my fueling circumstances.

The Plan:

Day 1: Wilmette, IL-->Milwaukee and ferry across Lake Michigan on the Lake Express Ferry to Muskegon. Over night with Denise, a bent rider friend since 2006 from PAC Tour Desert Camp.

Day 2: Muskegon--> Ludington, MI with Denise and her long-time riding buddy, Ken, also a strong bent rider

Day 3: Ferry across Lake Micigan on the SS Badger from Ludington-->Manitowoc, WI; ride solo to Appleton, WI

Day 4: Ride solo to Stevens Point and visit friends at the Hostel Shoppe, a premiere Recumbent Bike Shop

Day 5: Ride solo from Stevens Point to Hartford, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee

Day 6: Ride to Milwaukee to meet Kirk for lunch and then ride home to Wilmette

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