Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 2--Ludington

Oh my, rain, rain, and steady rain for 65 of the 85 miles. Temp was probably mid 50's but it was anything but pleasant.

What a gift to have Ken and Denise riding with me.They know the roads well so we could choose the most weather-friendly route. I've ridden in Pentwater and environs with my recumbent buddies from Chicago. Fun to be back "putting it all together" for the Ferry Tour.

Mark asked me if it had been a scenic day. I could only answer, "I don't know." Guess I'm not very good at looking around and taking in the sights when it's pouring rain, I'm shivering, and wanna keep the rubber side down.

Chilli at the Sands Cafe in Silver Lake, hot tea, and sinfull French Fries helped warm us from the inside out. Still another 30+ miles to go to Ludington from there.

Funny how quickly you can forget the weather pains after you shower, clean the bike, and refuel.

Ready for another day on the bike.

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