Monday, August 09, 2010

To Morris

Chicagolad riders know there are infinite ways to ride north/south But east/west is a whole ‘nother story lessen’ you want to add 30-40% more miles to your route to avoid the plethora of perils rendered by the four-wheelers.

Then it occurred to me: I could cycle to Union Station, take the Metra Commuter rail to Aurora, and cycle to Morris, IL. Yes, that would work.

My biggest challenge stood to be getting my bike loaded with its 25 pounds of gear on and off the train. But, I got the job done, through no help from Charlene, the conductor, who had no intention of lifting a finger of assistance. The trick was unlashing the bundle from the rear rack and lifting the bike into the train on haul #1 and the bundle up on haul #2 and then reversing the process.

Jayesh, the Super 8 desk clerk in Morris, made up for Charlene’s lack of hospitality by rearranging my reservation so I could have a 1st floor accommodation, since, of course, the Super 8 doesn’t have an elevator. Thank you, Jayesh!

While my corner of Morris, IL seemed pretty humble, it did have a quaint local coffee shop and a restaurant with “0” minutes of waiting.

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