Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tilda Ferries To Dixie

The day after our nephew, Nate Reed, married Danielle in Leesburg, VA August 21st, and two days after Grandma Mary turned 89, Kirk, Tilda, and I drove to Baltimore for a meeting. Work done, Kirk went to watch the Orioles lose to Texas 4-6. While he kept score in Camden Yard, Tilda and I rode back to Leesburg following the route offered by David Berning from the DC Randonneurs.

After the first 10 miles or so getting out of Baltimore the route was pastoral, roads excellent, and directions perfect. Thank you David! And thank you Bill Beck, RBA for the DC Randonneurs, who put me in touch with David.

Tilda's rider's muscles strained to rise and fall over the 3,700' of climbing in those 63 miles. Bike Friday designed their Tikit to ride "the last mile", you know from home to the bus stop, or the bus stop to the office, or home to the grocery store to get a loaf of bread. The Tikit was not intended to be a land cruiser with only 8 gears, 16" wheels with no accommodation for standing to power up the hills. But together we did it albeit my slowest 63 miles ever recorded, I do believe.Water Stop

The route's crown jewel was crossing not only the Potomac by ferry but also that invisible, but still palpable line the other side of which was Dixie.

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