Monday, August 09, 2010

Google Maps

I typically obsess over my routes when riding solo, but this time I turned loose of my obsession and trusted Google Maps. Not a good idea. Google Maps took me through the Morris Super 8 neighborhood (in the pouring rain) to the I and M Canal Bike Trail. Yes, it was a soggy crushed limestone path, all 13 miles of it. With 120 miles to ride hauling 25 pounds of gear a soggy limestone path was not welcoming. So, at mile 3 I was off-route already. And so it went for the rest of the day. I’d ride 20 miles and ask the locals for the next 20 miles.

The rain stopped by late morning and I arrived in Pekin at the PAC Host Hotel about 45 minutes ahead of Michelle and the balance of the PAC riders.
One of the 9-person PAC vans that pulls the trailer which carries all of the rider’s standard issues duffle bags and bike repair equipment died, not to be resuscitated upon arriving in Pekin. Susan and Lon are totally unflappable; Susan just drove 150 miles one way to Rochelle and drove a new van off the lot. The new van was ready to roll out along with the riders the following morning.

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