Friday, August 06, 2010

Danville, Peotone, Ravinia

Riding to Danville was like a family reunion reconnecting with Greg, Greg, Susan, Lon, Rebecca, Christopher, Walt, Veronica, Bob, Jim, Jon, John, Jonathan, Steve, and Cynthia as well as meeting new family "relatives".

Pacelines always make the 136 miles go faster.

Dinner in Danville

Monday PAC would head east to Anderson, IN and I north to Peotone, IL through much corn. Kirk would meet me there and we’d drive the rest of the way home (65 miles) together. Today, August 2nd was our 41st wedding anniversary and we had Ravinia tickets to see Chanticleer. Would never have made it 165 miles in time to make Ravinia.

Rossville honors their servicemen
Bicyle art in Peotone

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