Tuesday, June 01, 2010

HEEDless in Wilmette

So, for the last few years I've incurred an increasing number of dietary restrictions, food allergies and intolerances. Oh, I came by them honestly--quite a lineage of food afflicted ancestors.

First to go was all dairy regardless of mammalian source including butter, cheese, milks, yogurt, ice cream. Then came gluten from wheat, then all grains except rice. Then came sugars, then color additives. Hmmm not much left that's fast to prepare in our I want it now/need it now, multi-tasking, eat as you go world.

On the bike these dietary restrictions made eating out of Mini-marts nigh impossible: let's see, there's water and potato chips.

Saved by Hammer Nutrition. I became quite a fan of their many supplements, but most importantly I was a devotee of their liquid fuel: Hammer HEED and Hammer Sustained Energy. Their knowledge base is deep, rich, and well scienced, especially when it comes to all things endurance.

I was riding strong and could seemingly go on forever until about two years ago when going the distance day after day after day seemed harder and harder and harder. The fall off was so great it hardly seemed it could all be about age, despite the fact I'm fasting pushing that special birthday after which every vendor agrees, "Yes, you're a senior."

There were other messages from the GI engine that powered my legs to turn the cranks to move the bike that said: "something's not working". But what, oh what?? Who is it?

Riding Calvin's Challenge May 1st, the 12 Hour Challenge Ride out of Springfield, OH was my coup de grace despite setting an age/gender group record for recumbents. It took me three weeks to recoup from the nutritional deficit of riding those 157 miles.

I would not rest would not come till I hunted down the nutritional offender.

Thank you Hammer, thank you Sandy Earl, thank you Michelle Williams, thank you Sharon Stevens, thank you Kirk, LB, Bonnie, Suz, Mark, Jeff, Rob, Valerie, and many more for direct input and/or your patience and support as I quested after knowledge and a product that could fuel me on the bike.

Who woulda thunk that it was the sweetener, Xylitol, derived from corn,present in my beloved Hammer HEED??

Thankfully I found Clif Shot Electrolyte Replacement that fueled me with energy to spare for a 162 mile joy ride to Milwaukee on Memorial Day yesterday.

I feel like I've been given a whole new lease on my cycling life with more and more wanderings to come on my bent.

Woo Hoo.

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