Thursday, March 11, 2010

Death Valley Itself

Death Valley (DV) is like a place no other; Mars might be the closest appearing relative. Indeed, DV has been used to portray Mars-scapes.

Some WOW! facts:
humans roamed DV 10,000 years ago
Borax mining with famed 20-mule-teams was big in DV in the late 1880’s
Summer temps are often 120+ F
DV is about the size of Connecticut, 3.3 million acres
Ground temperature can be 80 degrees higher than air temperature. Ground temp was once measured to be 201 degrees F
2001 saw 154 days in a row of temps 100 degrees F or above
Yearly rain fall is about 2 inches with February being the rainiest month with .38 of an inch.
A rogue 2’ rain fall several years ago washed cars into a gully from the parking lot of the Furnace Creek Inn

Adventure Corps has been hosting endurance events in DV for the last 20 years, their signature events being the famed Spring and Fall running of the Furnace Creek 508, a 508 mile bicycle race which begins in Santa Clarita, CA, travels through DV (mid point) in the middle of the night, and ends in Twenty-nine Palms, CA .

Adventure Corps also hosts the 135 mile Badwater ultramarathon running race in mid July which runs from Badwater (-282’ elevation) to the summit of Mt. Whitney (+8,300’ elevation).

Riders numbered about 50, a more balanced gender mix than I’ve ever ridden with, as well as a number of spousal couples.

Riding narrative would detract from the ride-stopping beauty. Just enjoy the pictures. Click here to go to pictures.

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