Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2009--Year End

Hmmm. It's a no-brainer--snowy Chicago or sunny Kauai?

Having just re-read my last post of my 2009 Transcon, six months later the musing and wisdom of that post stand solid. The warmth of Kauai mid January, 2010 seems a very good time to wrap up reflections on 2009 and lay bent goals for 2010.

It took a solid month, maybe even a little more, to physically recover from the nutritional hole I'd sunk into across the miles. It took even longer to make friends with the self-doubts that rumbled and tumbled inside.

Re-engaging in daily, normal routines, riding age-old familiar routes, and spending time with family and good friends was a balm as healing as that in Gilead.

One of the better fitness-related decisions I made was to be performance tested in October at Vision Quest Coaching with Robbie Ventura. The upshot of that was that my performance numbers were unchanged since he tested me exactly 3 years before. That was good news at age 64. Given my struggles on the transcon I figured I was in for a performance free fall. Then I signed up to work out at Vision Quest (VQ) 5-7 days a week through the Chicago winter months building V02 max, strength-endurance, and core conditioning. After hours in the trainers next to other VQ athletes I finally have been able to trust that my transcon struggles were nutritional, not age-fatale.

Hanging out with the athletes of VQ drilled my lack of core conditioning straight to my core, double entendre intended, a function of multiple back surgeries, long recoveries, and riding a recumbent which doesn't demand core strength like an upright does. I couldn't expect to move forward with developing core strength till I had my 20-yr old torn rotator cuff repaired, my Christmas present to myself on December 23rd.

Being on the bent made it possible for me to be back on the bike in the computrainer at VQ 3 days post-op. Shoulder surgery was another really good fitness decision.

I ended 2009 with another year of >12,000 miles, probably 35% of which were commuting miles.

Where to go in 2010? Well, I've signed up for two of UMCA's (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) Year-Rounder goals--a century every month and 3,000 miles of rides 90 miles or greater in length. I'm laying plans for a self-designed Circle Tour of Lake Michigan, Calvin's Challenge in OH, lots of hilly rides in WI, and hopefully another year of 12,000+ miles.

Sounds like fun.

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Sandy Earl said...

woo-hoo! Have fun out there!