Saturday, August 08, 2009

Day 30_August 3rd-->Tybee Island, GA

Welcome to  tybee
The day awoke with a mix of heavy heart and "let's get on with it". The heavy heart was no longer about the end-of-the-ride being near, but that one our riders had fallen hard 11 miles out from the hotel in Metter, GA on Day 29 on the wet road. He would we having surgery to repair the break in the neck of his femur about the time we would be arriving on the beach at Tybee Island.

Four trips to the hospital, three riders not returning, but having to go home, and one of them needing to have surgery seems like a high percentage of accidents among 17 riders--nearly 25%, and they were all very experienced riders!

It looked like the rain would hold off till we got safely in which was more than welcome given how very wet we had been for each of the last 7 days. There was not a "catch me if you can" sprint mentality today, just a focused, let's finish this job, and finish it well. Lunch came at mile 48 today, instead of mile 75-80. Funny to be eating lunch at 10:30 a.m. But, we needed to all be at the Welcome To Tybee Island sign by 1:00 so we could parade lap the last 4 miles into the hotel.
Riders almost there
riders here
Through the parking lot, over the board walk, onto the beach, drop the bikes and jump into the ocean.
At the beach
Greg running
Then lots of pix of friends, the group, and lots of hugs from friends and families who had come to celebrate this incredible journey.
hofstras at beach
Dan and Brian Hofstra
me at beach 2
Melissa, Jonathan, and me
Jonathan, Melissa, and me

Says it all :)

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