Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day 28_August 1-->Perry GA

Today was memorable on many accounts.

  • Kirk grew up in GA so we were but 45 miles from his home when we were in Eufaula, AL yesterday and about 85 miles from his home when we arrived in Perry, GA today.
  • 3 years ago on my first Transcon I flew up and over the steep rollers from Eufaula-->Perry because Kirk would be meeting me in Perry to ride the last 2 days in the SAG vehicle.
  • This year from Eufaula-->Perry I rode in the SAG vehicle. I had absolutely no "go juice" in my legs. None. More on that later.
  • 40 years ago today was our wedding rehearsal, which, of course, means tomorrow is our 40th wedding anniversary.

(A side note: when we were planning our wedding we considered Saturday, July 19th, 1969, but decided that date sounded loo much like a day you might go to the dentist. So, we chose August 2nd. Turned out July 19th, 1969 was the day all of America and much of the world was glued to the TV watching Neil Armstrong take the first human step on the moon. What a distraction that would have been for our wedding!)

  • Today our route took us to Andersonville, GA for our lunch stop, home of the Confederate Civil War Prison Camp officially known as Camp Sumter. Since I was not riding I had a few minutes to visit the Museum, which is powerfully done, as moving as the newly opened Holocaust Museum in Skokie, IL. I would like to return sometime and spend several quiet hours in humility, horror, and with hope that indeed we have made a little progress in justice and respect for all.

Andersonville Prison2
Prisoner burials
The quote on the picture reads: "Then came the captives, weary, worn, and hungry from prolonged travel cooped up like beasts in freight cars. Down from the depot they marched among the jeers and jaunts of a gaping crowd. The gate opened. The stockade swallowed them."

12,913 of the 45,000 Union soldiers imprisoned at the Camp died of starvation and disease.

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HEIDI said...

William Clark Smith was a great, great, great unlce of my mother's who died in Andersonville prison.
Hope you are doing great! Take care!