Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day 26 & 27_July 30 & 31-->Greenville and Eufaula, AL

Playing a little catch-up here as it got too late last night to blog.

These last several days have been characterized by rain, lots of rain, but not scary rain, at least not the hours when we were out in it. Actually I have welcomed it because it would cool us off, at least for a little while.

We're definitely now in the land of kudzu, that overpowering vine from Asia. Here's what the Internet has to say about it:

Kudzu vines can make walking across the land nearly impossible, as it takes over all horizontal and vertical surfaces, both natural and manmade. Its dense vegetation obstructs all views and movement into the area. It kills or degrades other plants by smothering them under a solid blanket of leaves, by girdling woody stems and tree trunks, and by breaking branches or uprooting entire trees and shrubs through the sheer force of its weight.

I have discovered the sheer joy of pouring ice cold water into my riding shoes when my the balls of my feet are burning like searing anvils. Learned that trick from Karl. Yesterday I stopped at a "grocery" store in Oak Hill (reminded me of the Big Fork Mall) to buy a bottle of water. Poured half of it in me and the balance in my shoes. Started climbing going about 6 mph when this unbelievable wind came up that nearly laid the trees horizontal. With that my speed went instantly up to 27 mph through no effort of my own. Of course the rain followed the wind and my shoes were permanently soaked. Had I known, I wouldn't have had to buy a bottle of water. :)

We all got settled into Greenville before the sheets of nearly horizontal rain came. No problem. Gave us plenty of time to enjoy a real meal at Ruby Tuesdays. The haute cuisine of Ruby Tuesdays is measured against the bas cuisine of Eufaula tonight. Waffle House! That's my rotisserie chicken from Piggly Wiggly. Definitely not haute, definitely bas.

Today was not only characterized by rain, but some steep rollers the likes of which we'll see more of in the next couple of days.

If you're in kudzu country, you're also in church sign country. A couple notables of the last couple of days.

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