Monday, July 13, 2009

Vernal, UT Con't.

This day was full of beauty, lots of rigors, and some performance surprises, at least for me.

The beauty is captured in the previous post. The rigors included 7,500' of climbing, an elevation of 8,031', 148 miles, and 90+ degree temps.
Route Profile_Vernal
This is the route profile for the first 123 miles. Click on the pic to see the feet of elevation gain.

Performance surprise for me was about my inability to ride but about half the route. My legs just couldn't do that kind of climbing back to back. My best understanding at the moment is my aging factor (described in the "Who's On Tour" post) and my nutritional disadvantage. My carbo loading options are minimal (no pasta, no breads, no desserts, no ice creams, no beer). In the non-tour world my way of eating is a quite healthy way of living. But on-tour there is just not enough fuel going in to turn the cranks. Chips, olives, avocados, chicken or tuna salad without dressing, and unsweetened iced tea can carry me only so far. Consequently I spent a number of miles today in the SAG truck. Again, sobering.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Susan!!!!
Kudos for even doing an event like this, wow. I bike a lot but don't think I would weather very well on such an event.
Jody Hofstra, wife/mom of those Hofstra guys from Michigan:)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Susan!!!!
I just sent a comment but don't know where it went to, so here is another try.
Kudos for being out there on this adventure. I bike a lot but you wouldn't see me out there. I think anyone is to be commended for being "crazy" enough for doing this tour. Have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery!
Jody Hofstra (wife/mom of those Hofstra boys from Michigan)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the pictures....much better than actually staffing during staffing. Don McCrary says hi.
- Hazelden Chicago

Susan said...

Thanks, Jody. Your Hofstra guys are simply amazing.