Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 3rd and my bags are packed

leavimg o'hare
It's a funny thing, packing to be gone for more than a month riding to live and living to ride, all the while challenging my physical limits and being transported beyond my choice and will into many a mental and emotional realm. I'm looking forward to discovering what my spiritual journey will be and who I will be when I finally return home August 8th.

I know with certainty I will be humbled by the weather of the three seasons we'll surely visit, the steep mountain grades of Utah and Colorado (which are even steeper to a Mid-west flat lander), the soggy oppression of the southeast in July, the endless expanse of 3,500 miles, and the completion of 30 back-to-back century+ rides.

I know with certainty the long, solo interludes on both the straight and hairpinned road ribbons will be seasoned with the camaraderie of the other riders during shared meals in motel parking lots and roadside pull-offs, and during bike clean-up and repair at the end of an always long and sometimes eventful day.

I know with certainty I will never race RAAM but that the stretch, for me to ride 3,500 miles in 30 days is for me as big a stretch as racing RAAM is for the successful riders.

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Katie Ruse said...

You are incredible!