Monday, July 13, 2009

Inside PAC Tour

Thought you might like to see some pictures of the support vehicles that leap frog the riders down the road providing SAG support. Riders want for nothing--snacks, ice, HAMMER products, tubes, tires, master mechanics for the big stuff, and bumps up the road when/if a rider falls too far behind.

Inside Motel Truck
Inside the Motel Truck--ice chests full of cola, barrels of ice water and Gatorade.
inside the truck
Susan in her "kitchen"
Inside the lunch truck
Shelves in the "kitchen"
Christopher's bagel bar
Christopher "manning" the bagel station for breakfast

Flag marks the SAG
The caravan waiting for riders at a SAG stop marked by the yellow flag. Notice how windy it is that the flag is sticking straight out.

Inside of the SAG Van
Inside the back of the caravan full of supplies

message board
Message board for dinner possibilities, route changes for the next day and times for breakfast, trailer loading with gear bags, and ride out.

Laundry PAC style

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Katie Ruse said...

Love seeing these pictures of the day to day PAC lifestyle :)