Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 7_July 11-->Brigham City, UT

Route to Brigham City, UT
Route to Brigham City, UT

Welcome To Utah
Welcome to Utah

Bisti, the PAC Tour mascot

ATX Rocket Display
ATX rocket display about 20 miles out of Brigham City

Rain 20 mi off
Rain in the distance

Jonathan en route

Salt run off1
Not snow, not ice, but salt!

A new state for me--both geographically and emotionally. 147 miles from Burley, ID-->Brigham City, UT and I was running on empty, fuel-wise. Nutrition is HUGE in events like this and I had become nutritionally depleted between my plethora of food intolerances (all dairy, all grains except rice, and sugar) and my body not having completed the physiological acclimatization to riding 800-1000 miles a week. Consequently I had no appetite, even the thought of food was nauseating.

By the time I reached the first rest stop at mile 20 I simply couldn't turn the cranks anymore. I SAGGED to lunch and then got back on my bike and rode the 60 miles in. Still running on fumes and didn't know how I was going to rectify the situation. No emotional reserves, either, as I was so undernourished, yet had no appetite. H.A.L.T. was fully operating, the famous acronym in the 12-Step Program. Being hungry, angry, lonely, and tired are states of mind and body you do not want as they are triggers for all kinds of mental foul play.

Believe it or not Super Wal-Mart helped save the day. Bought and ate part of a rotisserie chicken and 1/4 of a quart of dairy free ice cream. Began to come back to life. Talked to my son, Bryan, who was an awesome listener and helped me strategize food options. Odwalla to the rescue! I'm beginning to feel hopeful.

Welcome to Brigham

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Katie Ruse said...

Thanks, B for taking care of Mom! Yay for Super Walmart!