Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 6_July 10-->Burley, ID

Route to Burley, ID
Our route from Mountain Home to Burley, ID

Sunrise in Mountain Home
Sunrise before leaving Mountain Home

Doug posing at breakfast before heading out to Burley.

A LONG, HOT day--138 miles of head wind in 90 degree temps. The best news is that I had riding buddies the whole day long. The core group was Franz and Elenor from Canada and Melissa from Australia. Brian from CT, and Greg (age 16) from near NYC were a part of us for part of the day. Although we weren't in the desert technically, it had that feel of endless openness, beauty in the distance, and nowhere to hide from the sun, nary even a gas station. It was an 11 and a half hour day so no time for bike cleaning, Only time for a shower and a meal before hitting the hay as tomorrow promises to be a 147 mile day.

Early morning irrigation
Click to zoom in: the irrigation early in the morning was spectacular.

Lon, Jonathan, Melissa
Lots of climbing this day

Stopping for icecream
The faster riders could afford to stop for ice cream.

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Awesome scenery!