Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day 5_July 9--Mountain View

Another glorious day weather-wise and route-wise. Montana's moniker is "Big Sky" but the skies seemed awfully big today here in Idaho. Can only imagine how much bigger they must be in Montana!

On these endurance runs one can expect that somewhere between Day 5 and 7 your body will kick into a new metabolism and rhythm having acclimatized to the new demands being placed on it day after day. The first 4 days I felt almost great after each ride. But today I was working hard and it wasn't a hard day, actually only 98 miles and 3,000' of climbing. But oh the fatigue and leg and foot aches. I am hopeful I find my new realm tomorrow as the next four days are going to be a challenge--nearly 150 miles each day with a lot of climbing. Long days ahead.

Route_Mountain Home
Some pictures of riders at lunch today and Rebecca and Christopher entertaining us.


IMGP1838 IMGP1840 IMGP1839


minguset said...

Great ride so far. Hope you are having no trouble on the next few days.
Best of Luck.
Ella T

Susan said...

Thanks, Ella. I'm having a great time. Love being on the road. Thanks for putting the stickers on the map for me at church.