Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Day 4_July 8-->Caldwell, ID

Route_Caldwell Chilly this morning, low 50's. All covered up till lunch. The day was pretty flat, by comparison to previous days, a welcome respite. Also not a long day, 112.

One of Lisa's relatives flew out to pick her up; they'll drive home since she needs to be flat given her broken pelvis.

Larry, whose titanium frame cracked through and through 2 days ago, received his replacement bike today which had been shipped from home. No other major mishaps today other than a spate of flat tires.

Road kill today was snake.

Only about 25 miles on I-84 today, but they were replete with a couple of memorable moments. Our exit ramp was closed, but we wondered if just maybe the bikes could get through. Here's proof that they did.

Brian Road Construction


Lanes were closed as well, but we rode on the "closed" lanes while the 18-wheelers were channeled in a lane that best resembling a luge. I know it's hard to see the luge, but believe me we had the best end of the deal.


Today I added a new state to my collection. Never had been to Idaho before either by car or by bike. Almost as we crossed the state line the temperature rose by 10 degrees, everything was dryer, and much more "western ranchy." Even the low-lying vegetation looked rugged. Did, however, pass field after field of onions. Never knew what a field of growing unions looked like. Do now.



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