Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 26_July 30-->Greenville, AL

It's late. I'll post tomorrow for both today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow will mark new territory for me. My 2006 Transcon was 26 days, 2,984 miles. Tomorrow will be Day 27. I do know we are all very tired, and our skin is taking a beating in places not exposed to the sun. At the same time, though, we don't want this magical thing we're all doing together to end: breakfasts in the parking lot, lunches along some road between Faith, Hope, Friendship, and Money (actual towns we've ridden through), bike cleaning and repair in the parking lot, followed by dinner at some off-beat Family Restaurant and story swapping of the day's beauty and challenges with dogs and weather. Soon we will scatter to all corners of this country, Canada, Australia, and the UK. But one thing I know is true is that many of us will see each other again on the road with PAC or on our own made-up adventure.


Anonymous said...

Happened to look at your blog yesterday. I like the part of going through the Panhandle of Texas. I went to school at WTSU (now WT@A&M) in Canyon near Amarillo and was a bank examiner in 1966-1973. We traveled to the towns that you went to-Groom, Shamrock, etc. The towns were doing much better then.

P-38 or Volae?

You are doing great and should be proud of what you are doing. My hat is off to you. I only did 25 miles today on my P-38, can't imagine 100 miles plus per day back to back to back for 30 days.
Congratulations! don't know how you find the time and energy to write it up.
Frank Barrow

Susan said...

Hi Frank, good to hear from you. I'm on the P-38. Much prefer it for this kind of fast touring. Volae is great for hauling gear--panniers and groceries. But the P-38 is a better climber and seems a bit quicker and a little more nimble, if a recumbent can be nimble. :)