Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 24_July 28-->Kosciusko, MS

Today will be remembered as a rainy day.

Yesterday's heat and humidity totally depleted me of energy and nutrition. Maybe it's the getting old thing, but I knew last night it would be hard for me to replenish/recover in time to ride 134 miles again today. When I awoke I knew for sure it would be wise for me to SAG to lunch, mile 71. What I didn't know when I awoke was that it had rained most of the night and that it was raining at the "get the bikes ready and eat breakfast in the parking lot" time. Sure sealed my decision to SAG till lunch. Good decision, too, as the rain rolled through in storm after storm all day.

I decided to ride from lunch in to Kosciusko, 65 odd miles; Melissa and I would mange the raindrops together. No more than 3 miles from lunch both of us went down independent of one another but at the same corner, our rear wheel slipping into a huge crack in the pavement. My tumble was routine--a little road rash and a hole in my shorts. Melissa's was potentially much more serious as she landed on her hip that has been replaced x2. She rode on for 10 miles and then decided to have it checked out. Fortunately the damage was not structural, just soft tissue. She's off the bike for maybe a week, and on crutches till she can weight bear again.

Meanwhile the rain came in monsoon like torrents followed by dry pavement and sunshine, over and over and over again. Jonathan approached the PAC Tour record of the number of flats in one day--7. Lon holds the record, though, 10 in 35 minutes on one of the Route 66 Tours.

Greg found his 11th license plate today. I believe he has one from each of the states we've ridden in, with some dupes. John's dog count is up to 51--the number of dogs that has rushed him, and we have the biggest dog rushing states yet to ride!

Pictures were scarce today as our cameras were zip locked in plastic bags. The forecast is much the same for tomorrow, although our distance is less--115 miles and 5,500' of climbing.

Melissa upon returning
Susan and Melissa eating at the trailer after returning from the hospital.

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