Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 22_July 26-->Pine Bluff, AR

7-26-2009 3-40-33 PM
You could say this was the Day of the Dogs--trailer dogs that is. On the phylogeny scale, trailer dogs are one step above feral and one step below farm. About a dozen came out to greet me, but my sweet talk strategy continues to work for me. didn't have good things to say about our weather for today. Serious thunderstorms were in the offing. When the temp at 6:00 a.m. was 78 and the humidity was 88%, we knew we were in for a scorcher and maybe rain wouldn't be so bad after all.

We did get some rain off and on for the first 30-40 miles; actually it felt pretty good. Greg summed it up perfectly: "You know you're in the southeast when you don't know if you're wet from rain, sweat, humidity, or Gatorade".

The roads today were not particularly picture worthy, but they sure were pleasant: decent road surface, no traffic, lush, but unremarkable, vegetation, and lots of churches, mostly Baptist of one flavor or another. This is Sunday and we were traveling through church-land during worship hours. Many of them had only 5 or 6 cars in their parking area, which was sometimes the grass. We passed through several little towns whose population ranged from 200-500, places such as Faith, Friendship, Leola, Rolla, and Grapevine. Always makes me chuckle: just how does my nutritionist expect me to find gluten free, corn free, soy free, dairy free, dye free, sugar free food in places the likes of these?

My friend, Steve Dieball from the Southern, surprised me and drove 7 hours from Smiths Grove, KY to Pine Bluff, AR then rode our route backwards 23 miles to meet us at our lunch stop. He'll ride the 134 miles with us tomorrow to Clarksdale, MS and will then drive back home.

Steve and I drove around Pine Bluff (in his car) and found the place to truly be in a state of decline. Don't know if downtown has moved someplace else, or if it is falling on harder economic times than other places. Lots of abandoned store fronts. One Sunbeam sign that is circa 1950 and a delightful sign on the old train station.
no loafing

Not sure what my preoccupation with laundry is but here's another variation of PAC laundry.
I think maybe it's that our life on the road is such a time warp, a total detachment from our other life of family, work, civic, and social connections. Laundry is one of the few threads that bind our two worlds. Maybe?

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