Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 21_July 25-->Arkadelphia, AR

What a joy today was. I had opted out of the infinity number of 13-17% climbs yesterday on the Telimina Parkway, but I got to taste them this morning, maybe about 6 hills for a total of 500' of climbing in 12 miles. I didn't need more to get the picture. :)

I am continuing to savor the treat of staying at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park last night 2000' above the verdant valleys. Reminded me of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but in Arkansas. Such a delightful change from the Days Inn-type accommodations on an Interstate Exchange with Jake brakes growling into the night.

Our first rest stop at mile 33 was at the Big Fork Mall; we had "rested" there in 2006 as well. It was good to be back. I believe some of the items on the shelves hadn't moved in three years.
Big Fork Mall2
The terrain today was made for me/recumbents. Loved the fast descents with an immediate upswell. Played on the hills with Tom, Greg, and Lori--nice to be able to ride with them today. Usually they're long-gone ahead of me.

I'm excited to be approaching the Southeast and hopeful for some photo ops of church signs. Actually found two today and we're still only in Arkansas.
Chriatian Sign1
Christian Sign2

A couple nights ago the guys had a shaving party--their legs that is. I do believe there is only one hold-out in the male under 50 crowd. They claim it helps the bugs not stick to their legs. Hmmm.

Only 102 miles today so we were in early and were finished with dinner by 6:00. Maybe I can actually go to bed earlier tonight.

Oh, yet another variation of laundry PAC style:
Another variation of laundry

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