Monday, July 06, 2009

Day 1_July 5th-->The Dalles, OR

Route from Portland to The Dalles, OR

LB, me, Bryan, and Ayva

Brian at lunch at the base of Mt. Hood.

An awesome, hard first day. Only 103 miles but some smart person who understands logarithms computed that given our cumulative elevation gain (CEG), (8,300'), our altitude (from 450' to 4,150' and back down to 100'), and the mileage that this ride was the equivalent of 180 flat miles. That felt right on. Took me 9 hours including stops.

Before we started climbing through the forests and sno parks around Mt Hood, we went through Boring. I kid you not, that is the given name of the town. Passed a sign for Grandma's Antiques in Boring. I can only imagine her business is down given the economy; hard to believe it was ever up.

The 10 mile descent after lunch was most welcome, but it was accompanied by a rise in temperature by 25 degrees--up to 95. There were many furnace moments. Wow! Oh, and the winds picked up so big that those screaming descents that are marked by DOT warning signs with a truck going down a steep grade, that riders will descent at 35-50 mph, well today I had to pedal down them at a top speed of 15-18! Those are big winds.

Day one is in the books. The pix tell the story better than words.

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Katie Ruse said...

Nothing boring about this trip!