Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 18_July 22-->Purcell, OK

Purcell Route
My extra sleep last night successfully rearranged my attitude positively and restored some energy to my legs.

I decided to ride alone today, not try to ride with anyone. If someone came up along side and was riding my pace, fine. But otherwise I'd ride my own ride having no expectations and making no assumptions. Seemed to work well.

Loved today's route, the hills reminded me of hills in Wisconsin near Verona and Madison where Mark, Jeff, and I did a bunch of riding before the transcon; also reminded me of the hills up by Stevens Point, WI and on the TOMRV route--the Quad Cities-->Dubuque, IA and back. Before we hit the hills we were back on Old Route 66. Interesting how the old and the new are juxtaposed.
Route 66 next to I-40

Hills, rollers they're called, don't capture well on my camera and that constituted most of our scenery today. But I can offer you these pix, the like of which would not be seen around Chicago. :)

brushog and dirt work
seismic cable crossing
Received an awesome care package today from LB which will help supplement my nutritional gaps given my myriad food intolerances.

Thanks LB :)


Robert said...

You are doing great and I really hope to do one of those PAC Tours some day. It's encouraging to read of your adventures, including the real life struggles of staying motivated. Hang in there - you will make it!


Susan said...

Thanks, Robert. I'd highly recommend PAC Tour. They are such a fine outfit. Truly hope you can ride with them sometime.