Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 11_July 15-->Glenwood Springs, CO

Route to Glenwood Springs
Route Profile
Over 4,000' of climbing reaching a max elevation of 7,483'

Today was back to work with a strong headwind till the second Rest Stop. Then we were on this curious stretch of road for 40 miles with verdant mountains on the left and scary-sized gravel pits, Exon-Mobil drilling/refinery plants, and cement factories. The juxtapositioning of the two was somewhat disorienting, although you couldn't let your head go there as there was a never-ending trail of trucks coming at us and passing us for a very long time. Road was narrow, too, with no shoulder. Even had a couple of oversized vehicles for which we had to get off the road or...

Finally caught up with Bob at a rest stop today. He was sporting a new hair cut.
Chicago has a lot to offer, but I've never seen a sign like this in our neck of the woods.
Seismic Crew
Gregg and Melissa riding the 40 mile stretch in between 18 wheelers.
The beauty of the countryside was spectacular. Only wish my little point and shoot could capture its magnitude. This will give you a glimpse.
One of our Rest Stops was in Rifle. Interesting that there is a prison in Rifle, hmmm. The Cubs play in Rifle, too. The way the Chicago Cubs have been playing maybe they should be farmed out to Rifle.
Rifel Middle School
There's a chain of mini marts in these western parts with a most unfortunate name.
Kum and Go
Glenwood Springs is a real town with a sportin' history of notables back in the 1920's. Hotel Colorado, 1899, was the hub of much of that activity.
Hotel Colorado
Finished off the day with ice cream and brownies, compliments of NY Greg's mom.
Ice cream social
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Katie Ruse said...

There's a gas station in Mary Schmoll's town in MN called "Pump 'n' Munch."