Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 10_July 14-->Rangely, CO

Route to Rangely CO
The troops were absolutely giddy about getting to "sleep in" today with ride-out being 8:30 a.m. instead of the usual 6:30. Only 50 miles and 1,000' of climbing today compared to 150 miles and 7,500' of climbing yesterday. Today was like a real vacation with everyone's spirits being light, chattering all down the highway, bunched up at the rest stops rather than the usual grab and go to grind some more miles.

Reb, Christopher, Greg_breakfast
Greg, Christopher, and Rebecca at b'fast in a real restaurant with real cutlery--not a parking lot with a spork.

Morning after a hard 150 miles
You gotta click on this pix to zoom in to see the motley crew the morning after the 150 mile ride. Ann and Jonathan in the front, Bob, Karl, and Walt in the back.

Jonathan, Melissa Espresso
Melissa, Jonathan and I even had time for a stop at the espresso shop in Vernal, UT before leaving for Rangely.

Pink Dino
There really is a town called Dinosaur, CO. This dino found his way to Vernal, however.

Some fun notes from the past few days for which there wasn't time to mention what for long days and tired bods.

These goats were actually mating on top this car, but got embarrassed when we rode by and paused.

Greg's ice cream
Greg, our 16 y.o. rider, enjoying some ice cream along the way.

On Sunday, climbing to Evanston, WY, way up at 9,000' the butterflies were as prevalent as moths around lights at night in the summer time. They'd fly right into me and then flutter off. Never seen so many in "the wild" before.

Here's proof we were at 9,000'

Day 8 - Mt McKinnon

The descent that day was possibly even more remarkable, at least for Jonathan and Neil. That was the 15 mile descent from 9,000' to 4,500' so they had up quite a head of steam. A pick-up truck passed them, paused to hold up as they rode beside the riders giving the two female passengers sufficient time to fully flash their bare chests. Good technical riding on the riders' part to keep their wheels on the road.

Now, back to today--Vernal-->Rangely.

Doug celebrating the CO border

Greg's license plates
Greg is now licensed in CO :)

Katie style
Katie, on the table, looks like she's in a cabana in the Caribbean instead of at a scenic view in CO.

Melissa, Susan at first rest stop
Melissa and me at the same rest stop as above where Katie is in the cabana

lunch in rangely
Lunch in the park in Rangely

Espresso in Rangely
Even time for coffee at Rangely's Espresso bar before our rooms were ready. L-R, Jonathan, Russell, Eleonor, Doug, Ann, and Melissa in the back.

Rangely humor
Rangely humor. Bad.

Laundry in Rangely
Laundry in Rangely.


rebekahshouse said...

Susan.....way to go!!
your almost there! you make me tired reading your bolgs but what beautiful descriptions you give. I enjoy reading them..we are all praying for you!
keep on going lady!
Gods Peace,

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan!
It sounds like you are having a great trip, plus or minus a few minor personal disappointments.

I really wish I didn't have to head back to Portland after the first day. It was a fun ride back, but not the same as continuing on with you and the crowd. And now riding my desk chair just isn't the same some how.

I hope the next days bring some more favorable winds and the spectacular scenery continues.

Have fun !!!

Susan said...

Thnaks Sid. I just figured out tonight that you and Ellie are bro/sis. How cool is that! Ellie and Melissa and I have been riding a bunch together. Quite nice.

Susan said...

Thanks Shari, looking forward to coming out to RH once I get back and sharing the journey with you and the women. I'll be praying for you this Friday especially.

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan...
I have been reading you blog, most every day. I think it is one of the best, from a PAC tour blogger. The pictures are great, gives a real feeling of the trip.
As for your eating problem's, have you tried, Sustained Energy? Mix in a little Hanmmer Gel for a little flavor.
Hang in there... Jim

Susan said...

Hey, Jim thanks for following us. Yes, I do use SE mixed w/HEED. Works very well, but need more calories than 200/20 miles.