Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

Yesterday was a delightful day of travel to Portland. Bike build was flawless and 4:00 lunch at McMenamins with Bryan and Ayva.

Good to see old PAC friends arriving all day today. PAC trailers and gear and all the orderly preparation by crew and riders is a feeling of quiet centeredness and anxious anticipation. If you don't feel some fear about this whole venture, then you are not respecting yourself, your fellow riders, or the hugeness of this land that we are all about to travel on two wheels.

check in

inside the truck
Susan Notorangelo inside the lunch truck

bike build
Bike Assembly

message board
The Message Board and our route.

Greg, Brian, Keith (a Desert Camp rider from Portland) and I did a leisurely 20 mile ride to get the jitters out of our legs and to make sure our equipment was all working. Mission accomplished.

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