Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wisconsin Training Camp PAC Style

day 4
Denise (L) and Barb (R) at Scoops Ice Cream stop in Clinton, WI

gregg patrick
Patrick, from Canada (L) and Gregg (R) from Australia also at Scoops

About 20 of us converged on Beloit, WI, not your most alluring destination for the international travelers who joined us from Australia, Canada, Poland, and of course, Illinois. :)

But converge we did and a good time was had by all, weather aside, which was still misbehaving with average temps about 16 degrees below normal , rain, or serious threats there of, and a very shy sun.

Several of us, including me, were dubbed 'rounders'--those who were just hangin' around for 1-3 days instead of all 7. This rounder ended up with nearly 600 miles this week that included the following routes.

WI Camp 2009
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Jim Langley and Fred Matheny editors of Road Bike Rider offered coaching seminars in the evenings and led the pace lines by day.

Beloit is not noted for haute cuisine, but the Road Dawg Cafe, the Asia Buffet, Applebees (actually the haute of the haute), and Subway provided the venue for a galore of stories. How about the one where Irek (from Poland) was hosting an American business man at a restaurant in Poland. The American asked to see a wine menu. The server said a wine list would not be necessary because they had both. (Red and White).

Road Dawg Humor

Made new friends--Irek, Mark and Jeff and I are planning a one-day ride to Milwaukee and back in a couple of weeks. Irek will ride up from the city (not Poland, but Chicago) which will be his first double century. Barb fro Gayling, MI and Denise from Muskegon, MI and I are planning some kind of a MI ride in September. And then there was renewal of old friendships with Roger, and Debbie, and Jim, and Dan.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


So begins 6 days of back2back centuries, almost. Should finish the 6 days with 550 miles +/-, a good final training event before the Portland Transcontinental begins exactly one month from tomorrow.

Drove my car out to PAC Tour Headquarters in Sharon, WI today and then rode home. Thanks to Jay, whom I met on a 200k brevet in Hampshire, IL last August, and who lives on the IL/WI border, I had an awesome route home. I'll reverse the route Saturday + a few more miles from Sharon to Beloit where PAC Tour will be hosting a training week. Mark and Jeff will be in Beloit as well as Denise from Muskegon whom I haven't seen in over a year.