Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North To Sheboygan

We were blessed with this awesome route to Door County created by Pat, one of Mark's and Jeff's friends. I figured getting through Milwaukee would be a real pain, but instead it was a real joy. On top of that, Mark and Jeff knew of an awesome restaurant in the Third Ward, Palms, where we had a leisurely, scrumptious, lunch.

Palms Restaurant_Milwaukee

The weather was actually decent--no appreciable wind, temps in the high 50's, sun. What more could a Midwesterner want? Maybe the opportunity to use sunscreen, but I'm not complaining.

Lift Off From Milwaukee Art Museum2
In front of the Milwaukee Art Museum

The afternoon brought us 2 flats and a broken spoke, all on one bike. But we were up and running in fairly short order.

The only dining (?) option within walking distance of The Sleep Inn in Sheboygan was Judi's which featured down-home-deep fried cuisine for what your heart may desire, but not need. But hey, 127 miles after our start we were grateful.

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